My husband and I were together 13 years married for 10. We had some issues a year before this”friend” destroyed our marriage and separated for 8 months. We decided to work out our issues and were doing great, or so I thought. We got back together in October and by March he was getting a lot of phone calls and texts. Saying he was working late, which was nothing new because of his job, and was just acting different. I kind of blew it off until Father’s Day. I took off work. His phone rings at 6 in the morning and I answered. She says hey sweetie how’s your morning. I said who is this and she hung up. || Then I started noticing things over the next few months. Like when I would go to his contacts it always went straight to her number, his entire text and call log deleted. So I went online and looked up all his calls and text and was blown away. He called and texted one of our supposed to be good friends all day every day. This is in October by the way. Thanksgiving day he went and ate with her family instead of ours and told me and the kids he had to work. He came in after we were done eating with the family and lost his cell phone which my 2 year old nephew found. Needless to say he flipped out. Well December comes around and I’ve been questioning him and hearing things from friends but they deny, deny, deny. Well my car broke down so I had to drive his truck for a few days and in his truck I found letters from her to him about how she loved laying in the bed with him and how she hated that he had to come home to me. Letters saying how perfect they were together. || So I called him and her and it was war from there. She even changed her Facebook picture to a crazy face and said game on. Come to find out he had even been taking my kids with him to see her and told them to lie to me. When I went through the call logs she went and got him another cell phone so I wouldn’t know they were still talking. My daughter finally broke down after I found out and told me everything. She was 12 at the time. It had her so emotionally torn. Needless to say they are now married. They got married 12/12/12. I wish them the best of luck. Not really but I did tell her and him how you got each other is how you will lose each other. || We have a lot of mutual friends and when we run into each other she acts like I’m the one who tried to destroy her life and of course she believes everything he said that I did wrong to him. The day I found out she started posting pictures of them together and when I found out for sure it was going on he was out of state at a pool tournament with friends and I stayed with our kids. He accidentally forgot his cell phone so he says. So I called a mutual friend and he was like yeah he and brandy are here. Now to wrap this up. I’m happy now. My kids are happy now and I wish them all the best because I don’t have room for hate anymore. It took up too much of myself being.