We asked for professional assistance on selling our home. Braselton Real Estate Group sent out agents and they pumped us up with high listing price and then sign a listing agreement. After less then 2 weeks we were told to lower our price to get traffic. (Was this not what we originally called them out for?) We agreed, then we were asked to lower again. This is where i started to question their professional competence. After 2 offers and semi heated discussions as to why we should take the offer I asked for a release from our agreement. I was told they cannot and we are under contract for 6 months. We were almost accepting defeat and that we would have to take this offer, when thankfully after looking at some houses 20 miles away we find hope. We had went to look at some homes to move too since the potential buyer wanted to move in on day of closing. We discovered an agent actually showing us this new home. She asked, why is your selling agent not assisting you on finding a new home

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Braselton Real Estate Group, Inc. Review