Bravofly is an online service selling cheap flight tickets. Customer service is the worst I experienced so far. Batteling with them since April to get a compensation for the stuff up Bravofly caused by not changing the flight to the dates I requested. Causing me additional expenses like buying another flight ticket to be able to fly from Bangkok to Sydney. Expensive overseas calls to Chiasso in Switzerland from a public phone at Bangkok airport. Forex exchange fees. And still waiting. After over 5 month they commited to refund 60 euro a far cry from the many hundred dollars I spend. And still waiting to get the compensation for all the stuff ups they caused me. A Message to everybody… Do Not Buy Anything Through This Online Service Below Do yourself a favour and stay away from the most incompetent, disorganoised and unprofessional bunch of people I encountered so far It will save you lots of grieve wasted time talking to the customer service in switzerland lots of money in case your ticket was very expensive The Battle continues lets see what happens next. Kurt

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