(Skip to line 22 if u don’t care about the background story) Hello there, first I want to say I did love what I got, but I didn’t like it when my subscription ended. But I do not suggest u guys to buy this. I will try to do my best English because I’m not an expert in the English language but I’m just here to tell you what this company did. So I was wondering if there was any better porn than the free ones, and a friend of mine told me there was Brazzers. So I got the trial which apparently only costs $2. So I bought that and was like: “Well if this is going to be good, I will get the more bigger subscriptions.” And I bought it. So I was at the Paypal payment screen and saw they used some special kind of money called Hungarian Forint which already looked kind of suspicious but I ignored all the danger and just bought it. So I got my adult video’s which I used for the reasons u should use them, but a few days later I saw I lost like 80 Euros (I use Euros) which were stolen by the same company (Brazzers). I charged it back when I saw it happened and it is pending but they don’t have it on their Paypal account for some reason. So guys, I suggest u to not buy the trial or anything at all from the website and use free websites.


Name: Brazzers

Country: United States

State: California

City: Burbank

Address: 2300 W Empire Ave 7th Floor

Phone: 800 – 5566 – 0000

Website: www.brazzers.com/