well on jan15 2016 me and my wife when to breeder association in bricktown nj to look at a puppy but when they said that they wanted almost 2,200 for this puppy we said no way so the lady said akay 1,500 we said my thanks until she came back and said1,100 we told her we have no money right now and she said we have a company call wags that will financial it so we said okay then she ask my wife if we had a checking account and she said dont worry all we need to verify it no money will taken out all of a sudden they give my account the a company call monterey financial and they over draft my account anyway this puppy within 2day had a kennel cought so i call them and was told no this is a healthy puppy when we took her to a vet he told us that this puppy mill dog and that they should not have sold this puppy to us so i call this store again and was told that after 48 hours we can bring this puppy back before we bought this dog we was told that all the puppys are not from a puppy mill so they lie to us and now this financial company are charging us 3,600 for this puppy everything they tell of was a lie my name is James from toms river nj 08757

588 Route 70, bricktown, New Jersey USA

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