I purchased a dog from Breeders a*s. store on 1/21/12 & on the 3rd day he became very sick w/anupper respiratory infection, now bronchitis which can lead into phenomena. He has been on antibiotics from the stores vet Dr. He is still sick and I am afraid he might die. They told me I could exchange him for another dog “they act like he is a stuff animal”” and that makes me very angry I’ve have start an investigation and found out he can from a kennel called DML Kennel from Charm OH and the breeder is Andy Yorder I’ve contact a Sargent Johnson form the Sheriff Department from that county and also the dog warden and she told me that have had problems with the kennel before. I have also contacted the Federal Government (USDA) and spoke to a Ms. McKeeie and stated she would start an investigation on this kennel I am waiting for a report. This store should be fully investigated because I believe they are getting these sick animals from ;puppy mills and I know people who have purchase dogs from this store who were also sick and 2 that I personal know have died. I beg you to please investigate and go though their files. nSincerely

nMichele R”

588 Rt 70 Unit 5.P.O.Box 549 Brick,, New Jersey United States of America