On April 10, 2009 I purchased a female boxer puppy form said above establishment. From just about day one of bringing this puppy home she seemed unhealthy. She would vomit constantly, had something that resembled a seizure, had digestive problems, and the most frightening thing was the dog’s lack of weight gain. No matter how much she ate she just never gained weight. She was merely skin and bones. A very sad sight. I kept in constant contact with the pet store and the vet and on numerous occassions asked for a refund they refused and said they would only issue a store credit or a new dog. I explained that I did not want to accept another animal from the and that I wanted my money back they out and out refused. The dog’s condition got worse the vet did some testing on her that came back incloncusive. Therefore with no diagnosis the pet store totally refused me any help what so ever. On the puppy’s last visit to the vet in his exact words he described her condition as “completely emaciated”” and would need extensive diagnostic testing to try and get to the root of the problemm

and that he would contact the pet store and explain the situation to them. Since of course those two are in kuhoots of some kind (meaning the pet store has some sort of deal worked out with the vet for referral purposes) he stated that he usually doesnt get involved but in this case he would. Which he did stand by his word but I never heard a word from the pet store after having to call them they still said we will not issue you a refund but will issue you store credit or any other dog of your choice. And blamed it on lack of a diagnosis. Well this situation all finally came to a head on July 18th the day of my daughters sweet sixteen party when the dog became so violently ill people were actually crying. I immediately called the vet he was closed

i then turned my attention to the pet store. I got on the phone with them and proceeded to argue. They told me to take the dog to an emergency vetrinarian hospital and I explained that was completely unaffordable for me

they needed to do something to help me. After being put on hold numerous times they came back and told me to return the dog to them and all I would be issued was a store credit. I tried numerous times to explain to these people just how sick this dog was they didnt wanna hear it. So in the middle of my daughters party I loaded a very sickpuppy into the car and proceeded to the pet store. Where I found waiting for me 2 of the most cold hearted

calculating scam artists I have ever encountered in my whole life. They ran me through the ringer told me to sign over all right to the dog and issued me a store credit telling me i could sell it and get my money back when it clearly states on the store credit that it is NON-TRANSFERRABLE. These people are the lowest form of humanity on the face of the earth. They care nothing about these poor animals all they care about is scamming people out of alot of money and they clearly do not stand behind their animals. What’s even worse is I have no idea what happened to my poor puppy. Did she die? Did they put her down? Are they possibly trying to help her and find out what;’s wrong