…the next day I booked our trip to Ireland! Lisa and I had always wanted to go to Ireland but never made the trip. Our newfound travel agent paved the way to our success! We waited with growing anticipation as our date drew near. BrendanTours was, according to our agent, one of the most prestigious and enjoyable tours in all of Ireland. We hopped our flight and made the arduous journey (13 hours) across the pond to the Emerald Isle. We slept off and on but were unable to get any quality of sleep. We arrived in the morning at 9:00 a.m. at Dublin airport. We were exhausted and the only thought keeping me going was: We’ll get to the room and crash for an hour or two until our tour starts… Gleefully we made our way through the Dublin airport to baggage claim. There was an old man at the entrance with the familiar “BRENDAN”” label. We got our bags and made our way back to the entrance. The old man still there. “”We’re ready for our hotel.”” we almost shouted. He looked at us with a scowl. “”The bad news folks is that the bus doesn’t leave until noon.”” After 13 hours of hell we were now looking at another three hours of waiting until we arrived at our hotel. BUMMER! 12:00 noon we are herded onto a modern bus (Volvo) and subsequently brought to the hotel in Dublin. Well at least we had some time until our tour departed at 2.At least I’d get a hot shower and a shave before leaving… We are herded into the hotel only to be told that our room wasn’t ready yet. No explanation…no room yet. We sat for another two hours patiently waiting for our room… Our tour bus arrives. I feel like I’ve been herding goats for a day. I smell

my beard is thick. My hair is disheveled. I feel like I’m in a haze. Oh well make the best of it and then crash later… We embark on a harried and confusing trip through Dublin. We are rushed through St. Patty’s Cathedral and Trinity College. We’d been looking forward to this and the famed “”Pub Crawl””. By the time the crawl came round we were so exhausted that we opted to go back to the hotel. Thank GOD our rom was finally ready. We hit the room

got cleaned up

went out for a meal

came back