I went down to brenner motors on Paxton Street. I needed a reliable car, for my daughter and I. My daughter is incompetent, and needs 24/7 care. I the mother am also disabled. John Daniels said he was putting in a loan for me, for a 2015 car. I said great. My aide and my daughter were with me. But after the approval went through I couldn’t even pick my own car out. they picked it out for me. they picked a used Buick, Lacrosse and I did look at it, and drove it. But after I got back from driving it, I noticed the routers had all kind of rust on them. I asked if they could be replaced and he said to me, they get like that when its | sitting outside alot. so its normal. I have a garage I put the car in. After a couole days, the routers started to grind, so I took it over to brenners on the carlisle pike. they scraped some of the rust and it was okay for a while, but they still grinded alot so I had to take them back again. I asked brenner motors if they would replace them for me, because i wouldn’t want to replace them in a year because i won’t have the money to. I told them we are disabled and for the amount that I’m paying for this car, I believe you should, and why wasn’t I aloud to pick out my own car. He didn’t say anything. they charged me over 15,000 for this car that | was in a wreck before, and the routers were so rusted and bad, i had to get them done several times that year. I’ve only had this car for a year and half, and i have not even put 5000 miles on it, and when i got it inspected I told them i was exempt and they said they have to charge me 10.00 even though i’m exempt, that was on the Carlisle Pke Brenners. the car never had an alignment, so i asked them to do an alighment and then after they did it, I drove the car, and a couple days after that, the back door would not close on my side for some reason, and the routers are still grinding to this day. But Brenners refused to put new | routers on for me at all, I actually begged them, and they said they could not help me. So I’ve been having problems with this car, the door will not close, the air conditoiner is not working right, and the routers are bad.. they shouldve changed and fixed these things before i bought it. I did get a leter on february 12, 2017, and it reads.. I want to wish your 2011 BUICK LACROSSE a happy birthday. it sure doesn’t seem like a year since you bought you Lacrosse. on this special occasion, as on any day, I want to welcome you to call me for anything you might need. of course, our parts and service dpts. are also here to help you as well. I truly | value your buisness, and i hope we continue to exceed your expectations. Don’t that here at Brenner Pre-Owned you have a friend in the automotive business. I called about this letter and told Mr. Daniels about the letter, and he said he had no knowledge about the letter. I read it to him, and he said oh that just comes out automatically. Which i did not understand. so in other words i am stuck after a year and half of a car they picked for me, doing routers and everything that is wrong with it. The guy in the service dept. said the same thing. so in other words they will not help me. The car is in my garage and I cannot even | drive this car. because of the door, My aide sits in the back with my daughter whom is disabled, and needs 24/7 care. They took advantage of a single disabled mother, and her disabled daughter. they shouldve left me pick my own car out. before this car Mr. Daniels was trying to sell me a car for like 2000.00 from a couple that traded it in. I said no way, I need a bigger car for my daughter and her wheelchair, etc.. but still he did not let me pick my own car. I feel like i was ripped off from things that were wrong with this car from the beginning, and now they will not help me. If you’re a women and single, or disabled I would not recommend | this company. I got screwed , and the car I always had to get something done. I had to ask for the carfax , it seemed like they did not want to give that to me. I’m glad i did. the left side is the car door in the back that will not shut and i do not have the money for new routers or anything with this car. So I got screwed and now they do not care about it. | they really screw women over.


Name: Brenner Pre-Owned

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Harrisburg

Address: 2222 Paxton St

Phone: 717-238-2555

Website: www.brennerpreowned.com/