Brent Brown Toyota Poor Customer Service – Ripped Off by $4,000! – Won’t Respond to Concerns Orem Utah!!. HATED EVERY MINUTE OF THIS PLACE! Purchased a 2018 Toyota Camry and it was all great at first until I realized we got ripped off by $4,000! Went into the dealer and the manager was very rude and didn’t care about anything and was just a d**k! Contacted the customer service relations and set up a meeting and the day of the meeting went into her office and sat for about 30 minutes to an hour and then someone came and got us and yet she was un-available! WE SET UP A MEETING!?!?!? This shouldn’t happen to someone! Finally spoke to the MANAGER AGAIN! And they stated that the issue was resolved but our Monthly payment only changed about $20 a month and that only adds up to $720 for the length of the lease term of 36 months of which we chose. So it was really only fixed by $720. Where did the other $3,280 go?? Well we just gave up and accepted that we got ripped off. WELL NOW CAME THE TIME TO PURCHASE A NEW TRUCK! AND GUESS WHERE WE WENT?? KARL MALONE TOYOTA AND THE DIFFERENCE WAS NIGHT AND DAY! VERY UP FRONT AND VERY PERSONABLE TO US! WILL NEVER GO BACK TO BRENT BROWN! ALL MY CONCERNS WERE NEVER ADDRESSED AND JUST IGNORED! ******BUYER BEWARE******

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