Where to begin? Brett strategically seeks out to move into places he thinks he’ll be able to extort for the maximum payout in settlements or lawsuits. His scheme is to seek out these places, refuse to sign a lease, refuse to pay rent, and then extort the landlord as long as possible, often using his lawyers to threaten to sue the landlords over minor coding or zoning issues, further worsening the affordable housing crisis in California. (((REDACTED)))(from just a single landlord). He also would lure underage boys to have sex with him and his hollywood associates using drugs, alcohol, food, and shelter. Often times he prays on disadvantaged homeless youths. Once intoxicated, he sexually abuses the young boys. This extortion master creates fake profiles and purchases rights to domain names in his victims names to harass and threaten them. He targets his victims families as well. He does everything in his power to tear down his victims psychologically. To this day this sociopath continues with these illicit and unethical practices in a serial manner. Future landlords may not be aware of these previous evictions due to out of court settlement s or him winning the case, which is why it’s vital that others be warned.

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