Collecting on a 12 yr old check that can’t be verified


My Complaint: Call to my husband form Brewden Law Firm in Atlanta stating that he wrote a check in 2003 to Winn Dixie grocery store for 170.00 and because there was no check overdraft at that time when the check was returned it was paid off by a company call EST and they had filed a claim. Also stated that they made arrangements with him in 2004 to make payments. They were 7 payments of 65.00 and he only made 1 when they didn’t here from him they assumed he was in jail. My husband has never been in jail and doesn’t remember making any arrangement to pay of this check in this manner. They gave him one hour to decide if he was going to pay the 390.00. We ask for a copy of the returned check and a letter in writing stating the debt unable to because it was all done electronically. Call Winn Dixie’s company that handles bad checks before and after court no case file found call Tuscaloosa, Al DA no file found this check was suppose to have written in 2003 the bank then was Wachovia Bank and it now Wells Fargo no date for the check just 2003. We don’t remember shopping at Winn Dixie that much in 2003 for 170.00 Walmart yes but not Winn Dixie.


My Demand: Report to the public