Fraudulent Imposter of online job for auction house


My Complaint: I received a email message from a Gina Watkins stating that BRG (Brunn Rasmusseen Group) is an online auction company that is looking to expand to the US and looking for work at home people to monitor auctions, payments and clients.
After researching them online i agreed to more information. They gave me a job description, and a contract to review and sign. I checked through them both and signed on after no red flags were made apparent to me at that time. I was referred to a Jamie Law for training. He was very elusive and non specific and it was raising alot of red flags for me and i started asking more questions and demanding more communication in the form of emails and phone calls. All calls went to the same answering machine as well and no one ever returned my calls. Then out of nowhere Jamie said that I am going to do my first wire transfer. over 5,000 was deposited in my account and i was to go to the bank and wire the money to a bank in Russia. Knowing that the actual Brunn Rasmusenn was an overseas auction house it didnt strike me as odd. I was told by the bank i couldnt wire the money until the next business day. When i went back all the sudden the money was gone. I emailed Jamie and he said that it was because the buyer retracted the money due to a depute between the buyer and the seller.
I immediately told Jamie that i will no longer do any transfers through my account i will only deal with a corporate account and that I have done online auctions for years and never had to use a personal account only pay pal or credi tcards.
I have since not heard from this BRG any more and they no longer will respond to any of my emails.
I have contacted the online Brunn Rasmussen and they stated that they do not have a Jamie Law working for them and that they are aware of many scams that use their name. They are not located in the US only in Denmark. I am not sure what the intent was , all i can think of is money laundering.


My Demand: 0