Brian Davis mobile mechanic Don’t know but seems to have a bunch considering when I called he asked which Brian I was calling for… Weird when he’s the only one working and running the company he has no employees. New bury park California!!. Hired him oct 2018 to fix the cracked head on my husbands mr2. Paid him $600 and he said the work shouldn’t take more than a week. It is now April 2019 and the work isn’t done and he’s nowhere to be found. Has my $300 part I ordered and keeps making excuses. “Oh sorry I was in San Diego” ” oh yea I have your part sorry about that I’ve been opening a new shop in Newbury park” talked to him last night and told him I was involving legal and the cops if I didn’t have my part TODAY. He said I didn’t need to involve legal or anything like that. I told him I clearly did because he can’t do his job and wants to scam people. So I told him the deal was this. Give me my part TODAY and we will call it even. I DONT get my part today and I’m hauling his a** to court and getting all my money AND my part back. My car is still sitting on the street unfixed while this a**hole la de dahs around. I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens. Just don’t give him all the money up front if you do decide to use him or even better just fix it yourself if you can.

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