Complaint: I have walked into Brian Figeroux law office and request their service for immigration matters, the cost was $12,000 and so far I have paid a little over $8,000. All I encunter is: missed court dates, denial, denial, want more money before we touch your case again. Brian is out of away on business, He can’t see you now. Questions I ask: Because Brian is not available, is there no other attorney there i can speak to. Answer: No I have been sent to court with real estate lawyers and criminal lawyers (non of which practice immigration law). My paper work and documents if filed any at all is usually done on the morning of the deadline or on the morning of court appearances and when they are filed they submit incorrect information. There are lots more but it is too painful, The lawfirm is still representing me and the office will not touch or do anymore paper work for me untill I pay all the balance I owed them about $3,500. I do not know what to do, as with them I am not reaching anywhere and because I still have a balance for them I don’t know if they will release my paper work to another attorney before I pay the balance and if i have to appeal my child’s case how will it work. I have experience the same treatment as the other two writers and right not I do no have the support to continue any more. I am broke and afraid. I need help

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