My girlfriend cheated on me with this gem. My girlfriend confessed everything… I contacted Brianna & told her they were done, do not contact my girlfriend any more. However, she made it clear that the very brief time she had with my girlfriend was far more valuable than the years I had. Her pain was unbearable, and she was forced to suffer alone, while the pain I was enduring was nonexistent. She claims she was one cheated on, but I cannot believe that anyone that suffered that betrayal, that pain, would remotely take part in such deceit. She continued to attempt to contact my girlfriend, when I told her it was me, she informed me she WOULDN’T loose her. Her, oh you mean the one that isn’t YOURS?! Time heals, to a degree. I forgave my girlfriend, who is now my wife.. I texted Brianna, I told her that I forgive both of them. I forgive my wife for doing it. I forgive Brianna for continuing to see her after she knew about me. My forgiveness is genuine. Brianna’s response? Nothing but she was the one suffering the most! My life was torn a part. My heart broken. My entire world crashed down on me. My soul died. The person I loved more than anything, had cheated on me. But. Brianna was the one suffering the most.