Below is the email I had sent to the VP of The Brick, as per their website a response is provided within 2 business days, which I am still awaiting on the third business day! Good day, It is unfortunate when customers have to email the VP of a company with their greivances, just shows the incompetence at the management level, this is exactly the case at your Newmarket store. Allow me to begin my tale from the very beginning. Firstly, I am not a new customer, I have been a loyal Brick client for years now. Last month my family moved to a new home and without a doubt our first choice of furniture store was the Brick. So, on April11-06 we placed an order for a King size bedroom set along with a mattress and a computer workstation. Please refer to Invoice# [protected]. When this order was delivered the bed footboardand the 5 drawer chest both came damaged, which were returned, leaving us without a bed for almost 10 days…the workstation was partially installed when we found out there are screws missing and a wrong panel has been sent, which my husband had to cut and screw on somehow. This is my first incident of inconvenience and sheer lack of any apology or understanding on behalf of the management when this issue was brought forward, keep in mind the premium price of $3800 was paid for this inconvenience. Secondly, we purchased a Plasma TV and a wall mount unit, invoice# [protected], dated april05-06. The TV arrived but the wall mount unit of the wrong size was sent!! And the correct size was unavailable for another 3 weeks! With a toddler in the house it is not easy to keep little hands off a TV, if we would have been informed early on of this delay, we would have purchased the TV at a later date! When these issues were brought to light, Mr. Marshal Ling, general sales manager offered a $200 credit for the inconvenience which in my opinion was not satisfactory enough considering the number of phone calls and trips that had to be made to the store by me and my husband, we own a business, a 2 year old son and another on the way, life is hectic and this is the reason we turned to a reputable store, instead it has turned into a never ending cycle of hassles. Mr. Ling assured for any future orders he will personally look after us and this was the only reason we came back, yet again making the mistake of ordering a washer and dryer, DVD player and a cocktail table. When the washer- dryer (Invoice# [protected], may4-06) were ordered, the salesperson was repeatedly told we need a gas dryer…however, when the items arrived we found to our dismayal an electric dryer has been sent. We had already spent the money to put a gas connection in the laundry room, so, instead of installing it I decided to call Mr. Marshal Ling and ask for an exchange. His dry answer without and empathy was just to find me another model and oh, yes, that it will cost me more money and he will call me tomorrow. 3 days later when there was no call from Mr. Ling I called and left a message for me, he called me back only to tell nothing has been done yet and that he is very busy, will call me tomorrow, another 4 days have gone by and still no call from him. I will not be calling the Newmarket store anymore, not just for a complaint but also never to place any future orders. I expect this issue resolved asap and Mr Marshal Ling be reminded that customer service is more than just selling a product, especially if the wrong item has been sold. The Brick as a company spends millions of dollars in advertising and attracting customers, what good is it when employees do all they can to drive them away? We have done some major purchasing and the total bill is no small number, but overall I am not happy with the service and feel I have simply wasted my time and money over shopping for my new home that could have been made a very enjoyable experience provided managers like Mr Ling show some concern. I trust this issue will be taken care of right away, please donot force me to get these details printed in some newspaper or brought up in a court.

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