sells legos. Their website is deceptive. They show lego sets and list the lego set numbers, but when you order they only send you the instructions (no legos). They charge much more than the instructions alone are worth. I paid almost $14 and expected the lego set plus the instructions. I returned their instructions per the directions on their website under their return policy. I asked for a refund. They never returned phone calls and after many attepts they finally returned my email. They claimed they never received my returned instructions and were very rude. They said they will not refund my money. Unfortunately, I paid via a sharecheck card and did not send back via certified mail (sent by USPS). Beware of this company. They are scammers and thieves!! Has anyone else been ripped off by them? If so, we need to complain to authorities who have the power to get our money back or close their (scamming) business.

1822 Villines Ave San Jacinto, California United States of America


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