bridge city auto sales rip off artists portland Oregon!!. My name is Mitchell Williams I was getting a Lincoln LS from Bridge City Auto Sales I traded my truck in on to get it 2 weeks went by they said the loan fell through so they came and took the car from me now I’m left with no vehicle at all they are very unprofessional they had no paperwork available when needed to be signed when they said I was needed to be there to sign it the so-called financial advisor of the company greeted me with a mouth full of food and food stuck in his teeth very unprofessional the so-called owner of the company Jessica is very unprofessional as well they knew a situation has had a ride and they could not have the decency to tell anybody about it until a person got there who was supposedly myself was thinking that everything was going to be ok sign in a piece of paper stating that everything was funded in my car would still be in my name and all that good stuff but no they screwed me without a

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