I met Bridgette about a month before she married her husband(if that is even real) at a local gym. | I contracted with her to provide some health and wellness coaching to my husband and I. She claimed that she was a nurse and that should would provide a diet and workout program. She contracted with me for $3,000.00 for two one hour meetings for 9 weeks, and that we would evaluate where we were after that. She was supposed to povide me and my husband with on-time apointments and that she would work around or schedule other than the time for her honey moon and wedding. This was all agreeable to me. I paid her in full in cash per her request. | I should have known something was wrong at the first meeting that my husband her and I met. She was 30 minutes late to the meeting and then could only meet for 35 minutes rather than the full 60 minutes. She didn’t even have time to get our relivent data herself we were left to go through the gym and do that ourselves. | On the second meeting she didn’t make it at all! She just eMailed us a “diet plan” that we found out later was copy and pasted directly from another companies website. Her workout plan was also just a copy and paste job. | On our third meeting she was again 30 minutes late and got angry and said “no way” when I suggested that we just restart everything when she gets back from her honey moon, and that we are already 1/3 of the way through the 9 week contract, even though we had only met twice. I was shocked, on the 4th & 5th apointments she was sick both times. At the six appointment she was obviously drunk. At that point I asked for a refund of the unused portion and she said no and caused a big sceene at the coffee shop that we were at. I have tried to call her again many times and have now been blocked by her. I do not have a home address but once I do I am going to file a lawsuit against her! Stay as far away as you can from this lady or anyone related to her!


Name: Bridgette Ren Luman

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Las Vegas