I was trying to purchase a puppy from what I thought was a breeder. The website and contact seemed legit at first. Constant emails back and forth and a few phone calls. I sent the money and the seller contacted me afterwards with information on delivery. The seller kept constant contact with me every step of the way. Then the delivery service contacted me via email and phone calls stating that everything was all set for delivery. Then I get an email stating I need to buy a special crate for delivery of the puppy. They wanted more money. Now I know it is a scam so I played that I have no more money to send. The seller was willing to pay half and the delivery service was willing to knock the price down, but they still wanted more money. When I told them I had no more money to send and I would just want a refund on the puppy, they threatened me with abandonment of the puppy. I stopped emailing back and they haven’t responded anymore.