I initiated contact on December 1st inquiring about one of the available puppies via email. They responded asking me to describe why I wanted the puppy and how I planned to care for him. They sent updated photos and detailed information about the puppy. They asked for payment via the Venmo app. I complied and we arranged to pick up the puppy from the airport on December 9th. They said they would email all the shipping and tracking information on Sunday night. I tried to get in contact several times throughout the week with no response. I then started to dig into the situation and discovered that they had been reported on Petscam.com. It is now the day of pick up and they have tried to contact me several times to ask for more money for an electronic shipping crate through their fake shipping website. I have not responded and have reported them for abuse through the Venmo app, the web domain registrar NameSilo LLC, and the FTC.