Complaint: after an enjoyable evening out we did what we always do , go to the waffle house for dinner, seven of us in all. one of the girls had drove from albany ga. 50 miles away to be with us she is an rumortory arthridis patient and is confined to a wheelchair she was also the one paying the bill. when we got our order everything was ok accept for the girl from albany she ordered a chicken sandwitch it was raw completely pink and very visible to the eye she returned the order and told the waitress to just cancel it. another waitress by the me of BRIT had the chicken cooked some more and brought it back. the girl from albany told her she did not want it now everybody was through eating and ready to leave, the waitress BRIT said it dont matter that she was gong to have to pay for it anyway an argument started we paid the bill and went outside to go home ,it takes a little while to get the girl in her car in her condition with the wheelchair. i went back inside to give the first waitress a tip ,she did a good job and earned it, BRIT started in on me and told me to leave now,the cook then came out from behind the counter as i was leaving i guess to enforce her. i returned to the car to go ,when i noticed that BRIT was on the phone waveing her arms around then i heard sirens comming the parking lot was full of shieriff cars three or four of them. It took four cops to make a cripple girl do what she was already doing, trying to leave, a little bit of overkill if you ask me . it was a waste of the cops time to be there, we were leaving for gods sake . after the cops were told what happened they told us to go i told the head cop that i as sorry for the problem and offered to shake his hand he refused i said you wont shake my hand he said no. we will never go back to that waffle house again, you can go to jail if you dont like the sevice. p.s.were considering a law suit BEWARE OF WAFFLE HWY 84 IN THOMASVILLE this was totaly uncall for and unessary

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 10401 wy 84 e thsvl thomasville, Georgia United States of America


Phone: 2292264433