My Complaint: I found two yorkies over the internet using this site . Contacted the seller Thierry Nchang Cho ([email protected]) and everything seemed really legit. I western unioned $430 200 $ for dog and 230 $ for shipping fee. They took my money and was supposed to take the dog to airport so it could be delivered to my home. I then got an email saying that I needed to pay a $960 crate fee for the dog. I immediately contacted seller and they assured me that my money would be refunded and needed to send the money asap. It was then I knew I had been had. PLEASE PLEASE save yourself trouble and loss and do not buy anYthing THIERRY NCHANG CHO, [email protected] OR (515)-375-7218. IT’S A COMPLETE SCAM !!


My Demand: wish I could get all my money back but it’s impossible. once money has been takin out by receiver you can never get it back. scam!!!!!!!!!!