Refund on deposit for puppy.


My Complaint: I wired $500 by Western Union to Mr. Cho Thierry of Phillips Pets, 2911 Hillsboro Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55427. After I wired him the money, the same day he asked for an addition $1090 for transportation when. He told me that all I needed to do was send him $500 and he would send the puppy to me. He told me that the transportation company Pet Express charges $1090 and that upon delivery of the puppy, I would get my money back in cash. I said that I was not going to pay any more money without some kind of documentation and if not, I wanted a refund. He never responded, all he would say was that he needed $1090. I want my $500. I am sure he is a scam artist and that I have been taken. I am extremely disappointed that I do not have a puppy, since my cat just recently passed.


My Demand: $500 returned to me.