I’m not going to rehash all the dirty details, so to sum it up this skitch is just a straight up whore. She’s the kind of whore that has no problem being the side chick and those are the worst kind. It’s one thing if some douche lies about being married or committed to someone else and then when you (the other chick) discovers that said douche is taken you back the fuck off. It’s another when you know from day one know that a man is committed to someone else and then pursue them any way and willingly sneak around at the cost of a family. It definitely takes two to tango so the douche in question was never off the hook in my eyes, but as women we have to back each other up and the right thing for this bitch to have done was to: || 1. Not have pursued my man like a fucking easy ass skank . || 2. When she realized he was in a relationship she should have backed off or even had contacted me to make me aware of what a piece of shit I was with. || And || 3. She should have not continued to help him sneak around after I had started to suspect something was up, that is shady bitch behavior. || Don’t make a fool out of me so you can fuck my man if you want to fuck him let me know he’s a complete douchebag so I can dump him and then you can be made the fool when he does the same shit to you. || #Girlcode bitch