A man by the name of Adam called our local business (One Draw Two Dispensary) offering us a promotional advertisement deal on behalf of Broadmoor Golf Course. He stated that they were approved to advertise dispensaries to the public via their yardbook/pamphlets.The first time he called he said this opportunity would be free, but when i had called him back to ask more questions, Adam then said it would only cost $750.00 for the whole year and that it would start in June of 2016.I then called Broadmoor’s direct line that they have posted online, I spoke to a woman by the name of Lauren.Lauren spoke with her manager and they both said that there is no such promotion taking place and that they said they do not know of an employee by the name of Adam.Adam did give me his direct line (610)504-0226If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at ********* @gmail.comThank you sincerely, One Draw Staff.