Brown automotive Group/Brown Mitsubishi Tampered Vehicle Sold as new Toledo Ohio!!. On 10/15/15, I decided to look at new vehicles as a possible trade option. Went ot Taylor Hyundai. No one would even look my way. Went to Brown Mitsubishi as the Mirage has good mpg ratings. I hoped to find a good deal as it was the end of the model year. They told me that the hatchback would be discontinued so ther would be no markdown. It was interesting when I received offer for the 2019 model!!! I wanted a manual vehicle and they had none on the lot. I wanted them to locate one for me. They had a “demo” with 1700 miles on it. I did NOT want a used vehicle and did not like the red color. They were determined to get rid of it and kept offering to take $$ off. When I had been there many hours and just wanted to get home, knowing that they would NOT get me a new vehicle, I agreed to buy the car. When I reviewed the paperwork at home, I discovered that they charged MORE than sicker price, only deducted the trade-in value and a dealer inentive. Odometer changed to 1274. They refused to discuss the issue and kept saying they lost money!!! On May 17/2017, I left my brother’s home in Taylors, SC. I had gone a short distance and a warning light came on. Ichecked the manual, found out it was the hot coolant light and turned around to return. The vehicle stalled about 4 miles from the destination. I called Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance and it was taken to a dealership. The next day, I called to discuss the issue. I was told that they had no service tech that day. I called Easley Mitsubishi. They agreed to have it towed and to service the vehichle. Later, they called and said the vehicle needed a new radiator, that the old one was illegally tampered with and the warrenty voided. The estimate was for $1700. Not wanting to delay my trip home too much more or to EVER deal with Brown again, I made arrangements to purchase a new vehicle.

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