In 2009 I saw an internet post for a video game designer college. At the time I was laid off and trying to figure out what I was going to do, so I applied for info from brown college. They called back within a day and made many grand gestures about how great there game design program was. I then submitted my application to attend and did all the rest of the paperwork and was accepted. Not ever applying to a bigger college I assumed there rates were alright, but after a year there realized not so much and the some classes seamed a little fishy. I left there and returned to my home town and began working in an entirely different field based on how much I would be in debt up to about $100,000 and as far as teacher there had said making money in the field would be very difficult. I ended my tenure there with $47000 in student loan debt that I have been paying on since 2011.


Name: Brown College

Country: United States

State: Minnesota

City: Mendota Heights

Address: 1345 Mendota Heights Rd

Phone: 651-905-3400