These folks called my house and left a message looking for me saying there was a complaint and I needed to call them back. Out of curiosity I called them back with the apparent case number. I apparently owed money to some party and they mailed me a statement 45 days earlier. I was greeted by a woman saying nothing more than "Brown Goldman & Associates, I need your name and case number. I told them and then was put on hold. Another individual picked up who gave me his name as "Derrick".He asked me the same two questions and put me on hold again. After a few minutes I finally got through to an individual who didn’t even give me his name. He started rambling on about how they sent me a notice in the mail which I never received.I told them that I would be happy to clear any debt if they would send me the statement. They told me the time for that has passed and gave me three options.1. Try my luck in court and possibly get the amount nullified but there would be lawyer fees.2. Overnight a check and email them a tracking number.3. Pay with debit or credit.4.Buy a pre paid card and give them the number.Thinking this is still a legitimate situation (a few red flags were starting to show). I asked how the overnight check method would work. He explained that I would write the check out for the amount and have it overnighted and to send them an e-mail with tracking number.This sounded insane to me. They wanted my e-mail address so they could send me an agreement to sign and mail back. I gave them an old e-mail I haven’t used in years in case it was fake. After giving them the e-mail they asked if I was ready to write down the address in which to mail the check to. I said ready and the phone line went dead.Now that I think about it I think they wanted me to write a blank check and mail it.Anyway. They called me three times on the land line (I was on my cell phone). No answer again on there side. I gave up and went to work.I came home to a voice mail they left saying they had phone issues and he gave me his name and extension. Jonathan West.I’m fairly sure this was a scam also because I Google mapped the address and it was for a strip mall. Using street view I found no law offices in the area or signs of that name.