Complaint: On or around September 1, 2014 I was contacted by a company under the the name of BRS LLC dba 4 M Global. At which time the company attempted to solicite me to hire 4M global as a consulting firm, that within six week would help me develop an online business with my own products. Within the verbal communication (which I recorded for legal purposes) they made claims that their primary goal as my consulting firm was to have my website and online store fully operations within six weeks, and by that time they would help me achieve paying off the initial overhead cost for the program. They took $1500 from my credit card company, and then told me after I agreed that the total cost of the program was $3500. That the remaining balance would be financed by their own finance office. At which time I requested a copy of the breakdown for which the $3500 cost would be applied to services and other administrative cost that I would be paying for. The company to this date still cannot provide me with this document. I was promised by the company that they would provide me with 3 one to one consultation appointments. The company was fully aware of my time constraints that I had to participate in this program, working two jobs, and there was a few appointments thatI gave enough notice to my coaches that I would have to reschedule my one to one consulting appointment. The company failed to inform me until after the fact that a rescheduled appointment was counted as an appointment and by the time I received my first coaching phone call, it was my last one available to me. At this point the company had expected me to self driven to utilize their on-line educational platform. My coach informed me that I needed to watch videos and trainings on how to develop an e-bay business. That the was the first step in their program (eBay provides these trainings for free to anyone who signs up for an account). The company chose to train me and coach me in the wrong direction away from my initial goals for hiring this company, and used my training times that I was supposedly paying for with the $3500. I informed the company that this was not why I hired their firm and that I wanted to cancel my account with them. At which time the company gave me the run around and was not willing to cancel my account. After several phone calls and arguing my way to the director of accounts, I was manipulated by the director of accounts to stay on for another month. That he would provide me with three more one to one coaching sessions and that they would help me build my online store for my own products. At this time the collection notices started to roll in and my account was accumulating interest charges at the highest rate they could charge me 18% on $2,000 dollar balance owed. Yet, none of the services and education that was promised by the company had been fulfilled by them, and services that I was supposedly getting were not being provided. At this time I again attempted to cancel my account and have the reverse the charges against me. The director of accounts, at this point told me that I was obligated to pay the balance and that I would need to find a friend or someone who would use the service that I was being charged for. It told him that is program was not what they promised and that none of the services were rendered to me that they had promised in the initial conversation. Nor was the deadlines that his company had promised, been met. At that time my account access had been canceled and the company sent my account to collections. I attempted to contact the company to send me any proof or documentation that showed how the $3500 dollar balance was allocated to services that they claimed I had used. They could not provide such documentation to me. I called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim against 4M global, at first my credit card company responded that I was responsible for this charge. At which time I spoke to the fraud department representative asking that they request documentation other than what I had already provided on my behalf proving that this company had committed fraud. At which time the credit card company realized that there was to many red flags and loop holes in 4M globals contract with me and at that time reversed the charges on my credit card. at that point I attempted to contact 4M global to have them again reverse the remaining balance that I was being charged. They refused to speak with me and hung up the phone. A year later I receive notice from Omega RMS, a collection company who is attempting to collect a debt owed by me to 4M global. I again contacted 4M Global and now they do not operate under this business name anymore. They have changed their name to 3M Global. And that because the are a different company, that they could not provide me with any documentation on my account. If I wanted to speak with my contact about this matter I would have to contact a man by the name of Ryan Majors, who handles my account and he would be the only one who could speak with me about this account. I asked to speak with him and the secretary informed me that he was on his honeymoon and would not be back for a few weeks. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she would not connect me to anyone else. I told her that was unacceptable and I did not wish to wait to speak with Ryan, she at that point asked me to have a nice day and hung up the phone.

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