Complaint: Can You be the Judge? Should Bruce Baldinger be disbarred in NY State to pratice law? Look for the online petition coming soon where we will be seeking 10,000 signatures from residents in NY to immediately disbar Bruce Baldinger.Should he be disbarred in NJ for practing law? What about FL? Should Bruce Baldinger be permitted to relocate to FL and victimize more elderly people down there when he loses his license to practice law in NY and NJ? Should he give back all the money he wrongfully made in NY to his victims?How many more victims will Bruce Baldinger make before the legal profession realizes that this man is a significant threat and danger not only to the public but to the legal profession itself, small businesses and the women and children that he continues to victimize to satiate his relentless desire to hurt people (and call it “Legal””) at any cost?April 15

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Address: 2011 DECISION AND ORDER:In the case of Napoleon Grier Enterprises

Website: filing frivolous lawsuits

Phone: Inc against Next Up Funding (NY Supreme Court