Complaint: If any attorney out there can really help, I’d appreciate it. In Feb 2009 I was convicted of violating a restraining order for sending a text message to the protected person. I have no priors at all. No arrest record. Went to trial. Protected person actually gave me pretty favorable testimony citing that I never threatened or caused physical harm, nor emotional harm. It was basically a business relationship & sexual that went wrong & she claimed that I don’t stop calling her.. well honestly; she was just vengeful and I was a weekly gun shooter at the range; my love in life.. and she straight wanted to take that love away from me and that’s what happened. The personal issues revolving the case really don’t matter, but I can say they were favorable to me. Very honestly, there was no evidence against me and they took me to court because they claimed I sent her text messages. that was the basis for the violation. There was no evidence of such and they didn’t even subpoena phone records to prove it !! Here’s the deal. Bridgman attorney put his guy Errol Cook to handle my trial. In the middle of the trail the DA asked to admit additional evidence, after discover and all that stuff… you’re talking after jury selection !!! The DA presented pictures of my ex’s cell phone display with text messages reading vulgar and black racial slurs… (now here’s the kicker, my attorney Cook is black) I didn’t send these. The pics of the phone show the messages coming from her son’s phone number, not mine.. they don’t show they were forwarded or anything. They really honestly show coming from her own son’s phone ! (he’s 40 years old by the way and a druggie)…. no problem.. no evidence. i’m in the clear.. that’s what I KNEW to be… Cook whispered to me and asked, how do you want me to handle this? and I responded.. well they don’t have any phone records to prove it came from me and it says in plain english that it came from her son so obvioulsy we should just deny it and were done! He acknowledged and went right up to the jury and in response to the pics of the cell phone.. he claimed that I sent them in response to received text messages. He straight went up there and did exactly opposite of what we agreed upon and just threw the whole trial away !! Now I’m gonna tell you that if I was racist or prejudice, then why would I have a black guy representing me? Furthermore I gave him many compliments and I even gave him a bank of america stock tip at $5.40 per share and he could have tripled his money on that advice. I was really gung h*o about this guy until he thew me under the bus? I did 39 days in LA county twin towers, 240 hrs of community service, I’m on 4 years of informal probation. my right to bear arms is gone, i paid bridgman $6,000, I had to go through CA dept of Insurance hearing to keep my license with the state for my career and that was trying… I’m on a restricted now.. My employer terminated me and I had to seek a new broker dealer firm.. Can anyone help me get back at this guy for shafting me ? Richard R Huntington Beach California

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