Bruce R. Foster Bruce Foster False statements to the SEC causing stock price loss New Jersey!!. Bruce R. Foster of Asta Funding, filed fraudulent reports as the CFO. He used his scam accounting firm Eisner Amped, that he had brought over from 4Kids Entertainment and 4Licensing. This caused Asta Funding stock to drop after the SEC ordered Bruce Foster and Asta Funding to stop filing illegal fraudulent earnings reports. Foster previously caused investors tens of millions in losses when he lost the cash balance of 4kids Entertainment in Auction Rate Securities as the CFO. After 4Kids Entertainment filed bankruptcy and changed their name to 4Licensing Corp, Bruce Foster conspired with 4Kids Entertainment founder Al Kahn, to manipulate the vote at the 2018 annual meeting of what was then 4licensing Corp. This allowed Bruce Foster to stay on the board of directors, loot the company of remaining funds, before handing the company over to Phil Frohlich of Prescott Capital, Wade Massad of Cleveland Capital, as well as Al Kahn and Kenneth Ira Feldman of Kenira. Phil Frohlich then promptly moved the company to Oklahoma so bankruptcy could be filed there, with Phil Frohlich, Wade Massad, Leslie Rudd, Kenneth Feldman, and Al Kahn could bid on the assets under the radar, taking for themselves valuable Isoblox technology and tax assets. Foster played a pivotal role in destroying all other shareholders, by making fraudulent filings with the SEC, as well as misleading press releases, that attracted more shareholders who lost everything in 4licensjng Corporation. Bruce R. Foster has a documented and admitted history of making fraudulent misrepresentations in what is now three separate publicly traded companies. Though it is expected that he will be indicted soon, along with Asta Funding, and their accountants Eisner Amper, one is advised to stay away from financial transactions involving Bruce R. Foster, Asta Funding, any company using Eisner Amped, as well as Cleveland Capital, Wade Massad, Phil Frohlich, Prescott Capital, Al Kahn, formerly of 4kids Entertainment, who licenced the Cabbage Patch Doll back in the day, as well as stay away from Leslie Rudd and Duminda Desilva, and Kenneth Feldman,. All parties mentioned played large roles in destroying shareholders of 4kids Entertainment, which became 4licensing Corp. Multiple bankruptcies, a billion in shareholder losses in total from high market cap to zero, while officers and insiders looted the companies. Save yourself the pain, and avoid all involved. The information is all public record, and the investor losses are very real. The authorities could indict these people at any time, and if you are involved with them in any way, your assets will likely go down the moment it happens. Bruce R. Foster destroyed a lot of lives over the last fifteen years or so, and it is all in the public record. Any attempt to rebut these claims in a false way will be met with legal force, and a larger dossier, documenting the actions of Bruce R. Foster, Phil Frohlich, Al Kahn, Duminda Desilva, Wade Massad, Cleveland Capital, Phil Frohlich, Prescott Capital, and Al Kahn, will be forwarded to multiple media outlets who will then be able yo reach a wide audience. Three copies are currently held with separate attorneys, as I attempt to engineer a class action suit against many of those mentioned here. Attempts to get Bruce R. Foster and others indicted are proceeding. I just wish that someone had told me about his and others criminal behavior before I encountered him. I should have known he was a scammer and degenerate because there are no pictures of him online with family or engaging in any activity aside from causing investors huge losses. It appears that he is just a psychopath who is now using Asta Funding to run his accounting scams, as he tales money out of the company before moving on to fresh victims elsewhere. Avoid at all costs. Do your research. I can document all. Google it and the public facts alone will show how horrible Bruce R. Foster, and others are.

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