NEGATIVE!!! Bruce Rossi and 2 employees were hired by Bryan Brusilow, owner T and T Remodeling, to renovate my kitchen and install exterior back doors but I halted the work due to numerous and obviously dangerous infractions. Permits and insurance never produced, very dissatisfied with improper, sloppy installation of frameless exterior door installed with putty and dry wall screws, terrified to witness questionable and illegal electrical wiring. | I found that Bruce Rossi, Bryan and their 6 unlicensed employees try to pass off dangerous, poor quality work to unsuspecting clients like me. Bryan wanted a second chance to correct the careless workmanship but I could not trust that his employees would not do further damage to my home. I filed with PA Attorney General but rejected Bryan’s small refund – offered only if I signed a full release stating he did nothing wrong. | Check out pa court dockets for additional lawsuits and now many negative ratings on other sites. | I find that Bruce Rossi, Bryan and his employees are guilty of MULTIPLE CODE VIOLATIONS, FALSE ADVERTISING, BAIT AND SWITCH, NON-COMPLIANT CONTRACTS AND INSURANCE FRAUD, on top of the DAMAGE BRUCE’S EMPLOYEES HAVE DONE TO MY HOME. Photographs available. | ADVERTISING: Bruce Rossi Home Improvement has vague internet postings but no real web page. T and T Remodeling’s web page and mailing showed an A+ rating on Angie’s list and Better Business Bureau (not even a member, BBB filed complaint against them 5/2/12). | DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL: I witnessed hazardous “flying splices” (open wire connections which may come undone or nicked leaving path for electrical arcs), twisted long stretches of wires behind where cabinets to be hung, multiple buried ungrounded live electrical outlets hastily covered with unnecessary drywall. Bruce Rossi and Bryan both said “We’ve been doing this for 20 years and this is how we always do it.” If I hadn’t been home to witness this precarious wiring job, my home may have been in danger of an electrical fire. | SWITCH: New exterior doors attached with putty and drywall screws in beat up, 70 year old frame. You could see light around old frame from many cut out hinges. Also exterior and storm door were thoroughly discussed, models/brands chosen; Bryan provided very inexpensive substitutes that Bruce quickly installed. | CABINETS: Bruce and crew shredded cabinet bottoms when pushed into place across construction debris, shims not used to level cabinets on sloping kitchen floor. Later spackle contractor questioned why cabinets installed over drywall not taped or spackled and in many places open to cold, exterior cinderblock walls. | NO PERMITS: Called code inspector to ask where permits repeatedly requested from Bryan were, told never been ordered. Bruce Rossi and Bryan kept stressing “everything to code”, “I’ve been doing this 20 years” (I suspect to other seniors and naïve clients who many not have been home to observe the dangerous hidden deception). | INSURANCE: Bruce Rossi apparently does not have insurance as he won’t respond but Bryan advertises “fully insured” but it’s a “self-insured retention” policy which essentially covers nothing, with only Bryan listed on policy, yet Bruce and at least 6 others on site damaging my home. | For over 7 months I’ve been without a kitchen, a locking back door, living in construction zone and out thousands of dollars. Bruce Rossi PAHIC#084971(Rossi Home Improvements, Warminster, PA) and his brother-in-law Bryan Brusilow PAHIC#077259 (Narberth, PA, now in Cherry Hill, NJ) and owe me over $25k in unused deposit monies, promised reimbursements for items I was told to buy to correct employee mistakes, and compensation to repair the damage done to my home.


Name: Bruce Rossi Home Improvement

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Warminster

Address: 1206 Creekwood Drive

Phone: 215 672 1107