Was hired by Burmmer Development Llc. By Tony Burmmer or better known as Anthony J Brummer a true scam artists. Built several homes and fixed a custom home he completely messed up. I was in charge of the other men he had hired which we’re also lied to about many things. After some 60 plus hours of working a week he informed us that he did Not have the money to pay us the $5425.00 total payroll for the week ending on 9/30/2016. He also owed us $3200.00 for the previous week he held back payroll. Being a business owner myself (Envoy Construction Inc.) I could not stand by and allow these men that live paycheck to paycheck go without feeding there families. I paid “His hired employees” out of my very own business account which I felt was the right thing to do. After several attempts to reach Anthony J Brummer via cell phone and texts I’ve have no success in doing so. Over the past week I’ve been working to fix these poor people’s custom home that Anthony J Burmmer made a mess of. Now that all is said and done my Company Envoy Construction Inc has became nearly completely bankrupt. It is amazing that doing the right thing has effected me in such a manner.

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