Charles M Bryant is an investment scammer claiming to be the CEO of a company called Bryants Investments & Trust based in the state of Texas. He cons Christians into investing into a fund out of the UK called the Lotus Fund. He claims to represent a person by the name of Sergio Pecoraro who claims to be the owner of Deanfield Bank and the .uk variant domain name. Deanfield bank isn’t even a real bank and not registered with any countries financial banking or investment system. The only thing attached to the name Deanfield or Sergio Pecoraro is a company that was liquidated in the UK under the name Deanfield Solutions. The company owed almost a million at the time it was seized and all of Sergio Pecoraro’s assets were sold at auction including his Aston Martin. Sergio then fled the country back to Italy and started the Deanfield bank scam. You can find this information under his name in the menu. They will tell you this is an investment only for the super rich and draw up legit looking contracts but if you read them you can see many grammar and spelling errors. They then have you wire money to a bank account at the Royal Bank of Scottland under the name of Deanfield Bank Group which at one times was owned by a Japanese company and is now a defunct company also. Upon my research I found Both Sergio and Charles involved in many scams from Oil wells, gold mines to diamond mines. Same spin wire money to a bank overseas known for money laundering. I have also filed a complaint with the FBI so I hope this site will aid them in their investigations. DO NOT SEND MONEY! YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN! | I have setup a website at


Name: Bryants Investments & Trusts

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Grand Prairie


Phone: 214-951-5607