Bucketracingseats.com ? Hyperformance.com Worst Business Practices Ever! Toronto Ontario!!. This company, whatever they claim to be called, is a complete sham! Their website looks great, I’ll give ’em that, but it all goes downhill fast from there. I ordered a pair of seats, believing the “ships in 2-3 days” as advertised, but a month later and no seats, things went from bad to worse. “Mike”, apparently the man in charge, along w/ “Pam”, the secretary/office gal, are totally full of Bulls**t. I was told every story in the book about my seats, but still, nothing arrived. After a serious, heated call threatening to cancel payment through my credit card, the seats finally showed up…In the Wrong style and Wrong color!!! Mike said, “Well, these are better; we upgraded you for free” Excuse me??? Oh, and by the way, one seat was in a ripped up, “half” a box, the other, NO box whatsoever, only wrapped in plastic.

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