Buddy’s All Stars fouled up our national sports camp this weekend by not only missing the delivery date by 3 days (they blamed it all on UPS instead of finding a way to get it done), but also, they printed the wrong numbers on 40% of the jerseys!!! Buddy’s All Stars made a mistake on our even’t uniforms last year, butt hey apologized and gave me a small credit, so I hesitantly gave them another shot this year, and ordered 60 shirts. Our uniforms came in 2 days after our national showcase (kids coming from 20+ states) and $3,000 later they are dodging my calls. | Also, 26 of the 60 uniforms had the wrong number!!! And 5 shirts were missing! The response from my sales rep was “I’m sorry there is nothing else we can do.” Nothing else? They did nothing for me except tarnish my business’s reputation and they did a haphazard job of the shirts they did print. Very poor print quality and blurry logos too. Sloppy work and zero service after they have your money. | The sales rep would not own up to her mistakes and instead of finding a solution, she dodged my calls. The owner also did not return my emails or calls. Zero accountability, customer service and problem resolution skills. I highly recommend to look elsewhere. Save your sanity and reputation and do business elsewhere.


Name: Buddy’s All Stars

Country: United States

State: California

City: Burbank

Address: 3216 Valhalla Dr

Phone: 818-846-8805

Website: www.buddysallstars.com