Budget Breaks Over charged for repairs not needed. Clarksville Tennessee!!. Don’t let this happen to you or yours. This business took advantage of my daughter. Being a protective dad I involved myself. Budget brakes was asked to change the rear brakes. 1. They replaced calipers that did not need to be replaced. I asked why replace something that works fine. The manager said, “it’s our policy.” He Didn’t deny the part was bad. Just said, “its policy to change both sides.” 2. They also worked on all brakes. The Jeep didn’t need front breaks. I checked before she left my house 15 miles away. When my daughter asked them why so much? They said, “it was policy to change all four at the same time.” She knew she was being ripped off, said she wouldn’t pay for what she didn’t ask for. The manager said, “if she didnt pay he would keep her car and charge her a daily storage fee till they went to court and if he wanted to, he could put a mechanic lean on it.” Why would anyone treat someone like this? Guess it’s policy to get someone in the door for a discount price and not only charge for the small extras. But replace what ever they feel like and hold your car hostage. Not sure they committed any crimes but d**n sure came close. Last thing. I talked to my son and he stated same thing happen to him several years back. They refunded almost half when my son called them out on the fraudulent charges. You be the judge.

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