Complaint: I rented a car from Budget Car Rental. I ALWAYS drive my own car from NY to FL when I’m visiting home (I grew up there) but this time, I wanted to take it easy and just rent a car. I have a good driving record, and excellent insurance for my own personal car that also covers a rental car. So I opted to use my own insurance since it already had full coverage for a rental car. Today, I was in a minor car accident that left the bumper of the car slightly disconnected. To avoid a long explination about the accident, the truth of the matter is, one officer said it was not my fault (the first officer on the scene), the other officer said it was my fault(it became aparent that the officer who said it was my fault, wanted to give ME the ticket because I was from out of state and would be least likely to dispute the ticket! This became even more apparent when the other officer made it a point to tell me I could dispute the ticket and asked how long I would be in town) and basically because he had more authority, I got the ticket. What was the damage to the car? The bumper came unhooked on one side. It was not broken, scratched, or scuffed, just unhooked. The tow truck driver the rental company sent out, completely removed the bumper from the car and put it in the trunk so I could drive it back to the car rental company without it dragging. I called the budget rental car in NY and was given the impression that if I was found at fault, they would not re-rent me a car. I called the nearest budget who I would be taking the car to and the woman said I would not be left stranded. There was nothing in Budget’s policy that said I would be left stranded if I got into an accident and it was my fault, especially if the car was covered under insurance, thiers or mine. I drove the car back to budget for a replacement. They took the car and would not re-rent a car to me. They claimed it was because I was found at fault for the accident. It is highly questionable that I am even at fault and the manager there was going to re-rent me a car after looking at the police report but the Latham, NY office said not to. The car was still drivable, the bumper was not scratched or scuffed, only detached and could easily be put back on. Then they charged me $300 extra for a one way rental fee and the woman there admitted the mistake but said she could not remove it, only a manager could and gave me his number. She said he was sitting in his office but he never answered the phone for me or for Trish who was the manager at the Florida Budget office. So I was charged $737.25 for a car rental that was only $169/wk to rent and I have had it for a little less than a week. Also I am stuck 1200 miles away with no way to get home. I live in NY, the car was rented in NY and I’m stuck in Tampa, Fl!!! There was nothing in thier policy that states one would be stranded if they ever got into an accident, even if it was thier fault. I had my own insurance that covers rental cars with which I have made a claim to cover any damages. Again, it is highly questionable that the accident was really my fault which is why Trish was going to re-rent me a car. I could totally understand if the car was totalled or really wrecked up, but just a bumper that could be easily fixed? If I knew I would be stranded I would have fixed the bumper myself and went on with my trip. But I can not believe this company would leave one of it’s customers stranded. I just can’t believe it. And because of this extra money they charged without my consent, I have no way to get home or rent from somewhere else. Tressa Albany, New YorkU.S.A.

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