Budget Truck Rental Budget, Budget Car and Truck Rental. Avis Budget Group Stranded me in Odessa!!. Budget Rental has a system set up to maximize their rental dollar that totally screws the customer. When I broke down in Odessa it took them two days to get me a truck replacement. During that time I was left to fend for myself. When other truck rental companies deal with a breakdown, they find and pay for a hotel. Budget refuses to do this. They state that after the truck has been returned they will begin to negotiate reimbursement. They refuse to tell you what they will reimburse, or how much. If you are on a limited moving budget, as I was, your money quickly runs out while you are waiting. The last day, I had to sleep in the truck and forgo eating, so that I would have enough gas money when I finally did get a truck. When you call customer service they tell you they can do nothing you have to deal with roadside assistance. Roadside assistance refers you back to Budget customer service. There is no way to get them to deal with the issue at hand. If and when you get to your destination, they tell you that they will deal with it then but can’t do anything to help you now. Horrible company, horrible service, unreliable trucks. Buyer be very aware.

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