Complaint: i went to rent a car from budget. although it is against their policy, for some reason they rented the car to my 19 yr old roomates credit card, w/me listed as an additional driver. driving on I-5S, THURSDAY, 3/20/2003 i got pulled over for speeding in the vehicle. finding i had a suspended license i had never been informed of prior, the chp officer from lebec, on top of the grapevine, kern county, towed my rental car and left me stranded at a truck stop. i had a final that day, as did my roommate. she was the only person whose number i had on me, but had a final at ucsd and therefore could not help at all. calling budget, they kept transfering me to a woman named Karen, who is “the only person authorized to handle such a situation.”” of course karen had a voicebox messagae saying she’d be out of the office that day (and i believe the next as well). finally i convinced a salesperson NOT to transfer me

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Address: speaking to a man named Johnny to whom i said “”i am stranded 250 miles from home

Website: he informed me that someone from budget would pick up the car by FRIDAY 3/21/03 and take it to the nearest budget in santa clarita county. I hitchiked home (thank god

Phone: and i WILL NOT LEAVE HERE until you tell me HOW TO HANDLE THE CAR SITUATION.”” i explained i was a student and could not pay for more than one more day + impound fees. after hours at flying j’s truck stop in lebec