Cancellation of my hotel earned me credits that are absolutely useless. It can only be used at a very limited number of hotels – all of which nobody, including me, wants to stay. Credits could also not be applied online for other bookings. In addition, the hotel I cancelled also deducted an additional amount from my credit card that I did not authorize. A call center consultant called me and tried to apply my credits for another booking (in an attempt to use my credits) and they wanted to charge the deposit to my credit card with the promise that those funds would be reimbursed to my account immediately. They told me the transaction was declined and that I should book online and the amount would be refunded. I continued to book accommodation online with the understanding (from the telephonic conversation) that the value of the money paid towards this booking (my credits) would be refunded as soon as the reservation was made. After sending the email with my new reservation to the customer service department, I was informed that credits could not be used to book at the specific hotel. To make things worse, the amount that was apparently declined before, was charged to my account according to my bank statement.

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