budjet rental lied to rip me off tampa florida florida!!. i needed to go pickup my things i had in storage.i called budget rental at airport rd. 813-878-2451. i wanted to pickup the truck on the 4th of april 2015.i set it up got comfermation so im all set to travel from hartford ct to tampaon the 30th of mar. 2018 i get a call from a monica stateing i was given the wrong info because that location is closed sat. mind u my reservation was done 2weeks before,meaning i had to change my travel date to leave earlier because she said if i dont pickup the truck on the 3rd of april they will charge me anyway.i had no choice to accept or be charged still not knowing this was the same budjet same person i had trouble with in 2006 wen i first moved to tampa. she saids everything stays the same as a matter of fact its cheaper. i answered insurence n everything n a hauler for my car a price of $545.00… when i get there she says u cant pay with cash u hav to use a debit..i told her why didnt she tell me this when we spoke..i go out side she said check for damages i did i wrote them down n hand it to her while my son was outside trying to figure out how to put on the hauler so i can put the car on it..i had to call the guy 3 times to show us how to do it n i told him he is suppose to show us how to do this because if this unhooks from the truck we can get into n accident. he was very nasty attitude with me just because i asked him to show me how to put hauler on n how to take it off n the truck was so dirty it looked like it hadnt been used in years..ok so when i go back inside i was so frosteraed she made me go find a bank to deposit the money in my debit the trouble with hauler i signed n left,, after i got half wat to north carolina the paper work was folded in 3 n cliprd but u can see where it said no insurence i called her n said y didnt i hav insurence she said i didnt ask for it .in what right mind would i drive thousands of miles wuth out insurence she said come back ni will giv you insurence..when i got back to ct. to return truck i was told i asked for 1 more day n thats y they wer charging me n extra $132.00 i told them thats not tru monica said back on april 10 at 3;00..i talked to a manager n explained what she made me go thru n she told him she circled the date for me in red marker i was still at budjet n asked the secratary to tell him there was no red mark on the paper work the secratary was the on that uncliped the paper work monica gave me to give to the returning agency. never did she say one of rhe cliped paerwork was mine or i would of seen the date. the truck was parked in my yard for 2 days they could of called n say ,hey your truck is suppose to be in today..so i left i gave no authority to take anything out my account i was suppose to be protected by td bank. there was only 100 in account n td paid them with out being money in there..this was not my falt ni got riped off for 132.00 she was the one that changed everything ni paid for it..i want people to know bout this monica person in 2006 she was supose to giv me a refunf for 150.00 which they never did ni didnt know how to go about it please help

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