Complaint: I started with this company,Starling Capitol, because they used the name of Warren Buffet. In the viedo they claimed that the software was automatic. This turnrd out to be a lie. You have to depend on what an account manager tells you is the best position and how long,days weeks to stay in any given position. Once you choose a position there is on option to change. Which means the software is not automatic as portraied in the sales viedo. The final result was out of 11 positions recomended only 3 were postive equeling 27%. They are only geared to keep a client in until they can not pump you dry. Once they realize they can on longer get funds they just leaving you out in the cold. My current balence is $3290 that leavs $10 available,and they will not even return that. I am now left with a payment of $89 dollars per month. With what I have seen if I were Mr Buffett I would go to the ends of the earth to put these ripoff scoundrals out of business. These people are hurting regular people like me the least Mr Buffett could do is make it right,most likely when pigs fly.

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