Hello world. Has anyone else used this company?
I am seeking others who may have had issues similar to the ones we have experienced in order to convince me that it wasn’t all just our bad luck.
We are in recovery (and may need therapy) from using Buildteam’s services. A truly ghastly experience which has included: delays, empty promises, appalling customer service, hidden costs, serious disinterest in quality, non English speaking workforce, major building errors, staff changes, some dishonesty, absent project management etc.
The list goes on and on.
Given our experience, their shiny website now reads like an imaginative comedy script detailing all the things we didn’t get. I have a huge file (think dossier) of documented evidence, including video, which provides examples of how we didn’t. Blog, book, TV series and movie to follow. Maybe.
Who are all these happy customers? Why aren’t I one of them?
If you are thinking of a side return I am happy to share details so you can make your own mind up but if you want my advice, don’t go there.