Bull Dog Big Rig, Daniel Snow Purchased a bully dog computer program andnever has worked, nor have anything to show, but still making payments American Falls Idaho!!. On September 25th 2018 I purchased a Bully Dog ECM Program from Daniel Snow (Bully Dog Salesman) and financed the unit through Time Payment Corporation for my 2003 International 9900IX with A 600 Cummins ISX. From the bginning the program never worked and was eventualy told by MR Snow I would have to change my ECM and that mean to change the wiring on truck. That was not a acceptable solution since my ECM and wiring was perfectly fine and has never been a problem and is still workng as it was designed to do by Cummins Engines. MR Snow has had the unit for over a year stating that the unit was sent back to buly dog to get fixed. I have sent bully dog a certified letter an got a signature for it but no response. I am paying for something that has not worked since day one since I dont want to default on my commitment nor my credit and nothing from Bully Dog to resolve the situation. So my only conclusion is it as a RIPOFF from the begining. Since 2018 I have heard many stories Bully Dog does not do what the say,

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