MARIETTA ESPIRITU RAQUENO DID AN AWFUL JOB ON MY DIVORCE CASE. BUYERS BEWARE. FAIR WARNING. | This attorney was simply awful. She was not responsive to calls and when she did speak she was dismissive, disprespectful and arrogant. | She does not follow-through on the tasks needed to perform her services or prepare adequately for court hearings and as a result she is not able to argue properly. | She is NOT detail oriented and displayed little quality work ethic. | She did not do the proper research on my case and gave blatently WRONG information. It would be comical if it wasn’t about something as serious as a life and the law. | She instructed her support staff incorrectly on next steps. | She excessively billed for her services and would not address grievances professionaly. | There was no corrective action taken to address her performance by either of her supervisors Robert Burch or Courtney Shepard when issues were brought to their attention which made her a rogue. | Her

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