Complaint: Ok I understand that most of the time it is our youth that work at these fast food places. I also understand that for many of them it is their first job and they are bound to make mistakes from time to time. This Burger King however makes SO MANY mistakes that you have to wonder if everyone there is challenged in some way. I have not recieved burgers that I paid for, not recieved burgers ordered the way I wanted, not receieved my fries, It is so bad that I check my order very well before I drive away because when I say 75% of the time its wrong I am not kidding. Today however after ordering several breakfast foods, I checked the bags and made sure that there was a box for each breakfast I ordered when I came home I found that my egg breakfast did not have eggs just bread. How does THAT happen? Before anyone suggests it I have called the manager and yes they do send some coupon for what I ordered in the first place, but that really doesn’t do much for the momment when you are sitting at home without your breakfast lunch or dinner. I could just stop going there, but I happen to be a Burger King fan and I hate to give it up because this one store is stock full of idiots. Anyone else have the worst fast food store , because Burger King in Coralville is my nomination! Karen Coralville, IowaU.S.A.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 550 1st Ave Coralville, Iowa U.S.A.


Phone: 319-341-9408